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Body temperature reading devices

Solutions of site occupancy analysis and management

Crowds and people flows management 

" No Touch " access control solutions 

" No Touch " collaborative and digital display solutions 

About the Catalog

Faithful to its mission and with more than fifteen years of experience in the field of analytical video surveillance, access control, thermal imaging and intelligent electronics, MELINT Moroccan company works to provide solutions to the various situations of professional life.


The “STOPCOVID19 Catalog” is the result of reflection by Melint experts in. association with its international technological partners, especially to contribute to actions to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus and the healthy and prudent resumption of economic activity, by using the most recent technologies

Within the Kingdom of Morocco, this approach aligns with the recommendations of the directive of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and the Reform of Public Administration N ° 04/2020.


Our selection includes a variety of possible solutions for different types of establishments, different prevention scenarios, and above all for different levels of budgets allocated to this type of investment.

To allow the application of the national directive against the spread of Covid19


If you are searching for a similar solution for your establishment or for a project ?

Our experts are available for you.

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