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Advanced technological solutions covering a large scope of professional activities requirements.


Observation and detection solutions for the flows across borders : Radars, optronics, radio, smart fences, drones.

CCTV solutions for cities with advanced intelligent software : Licence Plate Recognition, crowd analytics, traffic management.

Multi-technology control rooms and video walls software.


Multi-technology biometric identification solutions : Border crossing, national identity.



Ancre 1

Global security for sensitive sites:

  • Intrusion detection and perimeter observation.

  • Monitoring of internal flows (vehicles, objects, employees, visitors and more).

  • Maximum security of sensitive centers (white rooms, data centers).

Collaborative display through Interactive screens, wireless sharing in meeting rooms and more.

Industrial sound system for indoor or outdoor sites.


Traffic analysis solutions in points of sales and customer service:

  • Counting and occupancy,

  • Traffic flows,

  • Recognition of gender M/F, mood, mask, and more analytics

Camera models adapted to the design and solidity requirements in the bank branches.

Dynamic and intelligent display solutions for managing promotional and advertising messages. 

Multi-technology video walls.

Identification solutions : loyalty cards, subscriptions.

Sound and announcemement solutions.

Escalators de centre commercial

Banking et retail

Étudiants montant les marches d'un escal
Médecin et patient

Healthcare, Education, Sports

Large-scale flow management solution:

  • Access control,

  • Analytical video surveillance.

Identification solutions through secure printed cards.

Digital signage for announcements, ads, promotions.

Collaborative display in classrooms or amphitheaters.

Sound solutions for announcement and conference systems.

Stade de football


On-board video surveillance solution with GPS positioning, recording and visualization in the control room.

LPR recognition and analysis software.

Analytical software for occupancy rate, counting, and barrier gesture.


Large infrastructures

Integrated security solutions:

  • Perimeter detection,

  • IP video surveillance,

  • Thermal cameras and Radars,

  • Smart fences.

Multi-technology supervision, control rooms softwares.

Image walls for security or for displaying information, announcements or advertisements.

Intelligent software for analyzing the flow of people and vehicles, counting, dangerous, abnormal behavior, and more.

Announcement and ambience sound system.

Identification solutions throught printing of tamper-proof secure access cards Multi-technology biometrics.

bâtiment extérieur

Integrated security solutions:

  • Access control,

  • Videosurveillance,

  • Management of LPR parking access,

  • Visitor management,

  • Time management (clocking)

Collaborative display solution for meeting rooms

Dynamic display solutions for informative announcements, instructions, notifications, official notes, and more.

Façade du bâtiment

Administrations and headquarters

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