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Security solutions

Security solutions

Melint's expertise adapts to all professional needs, even the most complex

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Thermal Video

VMS and Analysis softwares

Sound systems


Access Control

Highly secured hardware with latest encryptions technologies, and monitored with fully web design softwares tailored for high sensitive sites and users.

Recording and storage

Full line for video storage, workstations, and advanced servers in order to provide smooth hardware environment for advances security solutions

Networking and switching

Complete line for indoor and outdoor switching solutions tailored for security projects.

Display solutions for security

Advanced video wall solutions softwares and hardwares, including the latest display technologies currently available in the market.

Leading and innovative technologies for IP Videosurveillance including edge analysis, LPR, panoramic cameras and more.

Latest military and civilian optronic solutions, including cooled and  uncooled thermal cameras with analytics and thirds parties integrations.

The most comprehensive and field oriented Video Management solutions including the most international recognized leaders for Artificial Intelligence softwares.

Global solutions available for indoor, outdoor and industrial environments, with advanced integrated features

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Police and Defence solutions

Police and Defence solutions

The most complete line of radars for costal, land or air borders surveillance, in partnership with the most leading manufacturers worldwide.

Using cooled or uncooled cameras integrated in global optronic solution for border or perimeter observations, with analytics embedded and integrated


Multiples drones solutions available whether for military or civilian applications, including the latest embedded artificial intelligence 

Smart fences

Fiber, pitz, radios solutions,...... We integrate and provide the most important solutions for perimeter or border observation

Control rooms and Video walls softwares

Commander and control rooms solutions with full integration of all existing sensors and workflows for a Common Operating Pictures available to the higher decision making level.

Critical communication radio solutions for military or civilian applications, including IP bridges and advanced features

GPS tracking and geolocation solutions for Military and civilian

Adanced CCTV with Traffic Management, LPR and crowd analytics

Global integrated traffic, licence plate and containers analytics for smart city and smart ports surveillance for polices forces and onsite authorities.

Biometric Identification

Complete line of biometric identifications including Iris, Voice, Face, and Fingerprint biometric engines for large scale implementations (national ID, Borders, ....)



Radio transmission and GPS


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Communication and Display solutions

Communication and Display solutions

Solutions for Education

A full range of solutions thought for the education sector. Recording, real time broadcasting, sharing, annotation, e-assesment, projection, interactivity, collaboration, display and more. 

Digital Signage

Are you or is your customer a Marketer, an innovation manager, a mass retail manager or a shop owner ? Here, you can find a way to increase your sales incomes. Discover our range of digital signage solutions and bring great added value to your company.

Collaborative solutions

Whether for a SMB or a big company, either for the main conference room or for a huddle room, you can equip your business and collaborate with your teams and your visitors. A wide range of Collaborative screens and smart tools are available to the various portfolios and needs. 

Display solutions

Outdoor, Indoor, advertising or corporate display, Melint has selected specialized international partners and has developed a wide range of products and solutions to cover the main professionnal needs. 

Corporate High Tech 

Scalable offer of interactive, collaborative, communication and display screens /connectors that respond to the highest requirements of CEOs and Managers for more efficiency and productivity. Fit the need and at a reasonnable budget. 

Projection and image Systems

One of the most comprehensive offer of advanced projectors and image monitoring/blending systems. Either for personnal use, or home cinema or for education. Interactive, collaborative or large venue solutions.

Video wall and software solutions

Professionnal technologies including hardware and software, allowing various displaying  and sources monitoring methods according to your project.

Interactive, collaborative touch screens and projectors

The latest interactive touchscreen technology associated with collaborative and instant sharing functions, visioconference, all at an unbeatable price. Suitable for meetings and face-to-face or remote training.

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